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That crazy Chinese lady tried to get too close to those elephants- another stupid move! A selfie during the jungle walk- I should have worn green A selfie before the majestic tusker in Chitwan We eventually landed in an elephant breeding centre- in one piece Now isn't that elephant calf simply adorable? Signage in the elephant breeding centre in Chitwan Elephant tracks- these are from captive elephants though This majestic tusker appears in the photos of many travelers The keeper feeds the majestic tusker- I am generally wary of elephant bulls A rustic sign inside the Chitwan National Park Watching Elephant Watching Elephant Asian Elephant Asian Elephant Asian Elephants Asian Elephant Asian Elephant Asian Elephant Raja 1 Raja 5 Raja 4 Raja 3 Raja 2 elephas maximus ele toes Asian elephant IMG_4301 IMG_4309 Asian Elephants IMG_7570
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