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6Q3A6871 Rise Above The pink elephant in the room Elephant + Flamingo baby Asian elephant how to eat a cactus... My Name Is Not Dumbo Smithsonian Bumper to bumper traffic IMG_2753 IMG_2844 The Christmas Lights at #IndianapolisZoo. IMG_2812 elephant tree Elephant Shower (1X7A4631b) Elephant Shower (1X7A4624b) pachyderm paradise Elephant Shower (1X7A4629b) Dweller Elephants at the waterhole Elephant Bather cutout channel 0 Afrikanischer Elefant / African Bush Elephant IMG_2876 Elephant Shower (1X7A4630b) Elephant Shower (1X7A4623b) Afrikanischer Elefant / African Bush Elephant Da Tung and Xi'an Bao Bao Perahera Tusker (1X7A4594b)
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