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Afrikanischer Elefant / African Bush Elephant The pink elephant in the room My Name Is Not Dumbo Bath Afrikanischer Elefant / African Bush Elephant IMG_2753 IMG_2812 IMG_2876 The Christmas Lights at #IndianapolisZoo. IMG_2844 Elephant Shower (1X7A4624b) Elephant Shower (1X7A4631b) pachyderm paradise Elephant Shower (1X7A4630b) Elephant Shower (1X7A4629b) African Elephant (Loxodonta africana) young getting out of the mud with help from its mother ... I wish I could remember that leopard in sabi sands 29 Crossing the road 6Q3A6871 Rise Above Elephant + Flamingo baby how to eat a cactus... Smithsonian Bumper to bumper traffic elephant tree Elephant Shower (1X7A4623b) Dweller
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