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Oct 22 2016_6135_edited-1 We got RAIN! Mallorca Strandimpressionen bei Regen Weisse Flotte und ehem Speicher - Tourist ship and former storehouse Kathedrale von Palma de Mallorca Looking For Love:) Cc Challenge Wk 42 'Natural Light' CC Challenge Wk 42 'Natural Light' Hand Tools Make The World A simple vista P1110020 untitled_pregamma_1_mantiuk06_contrast_mapping_0.14_saturation_factor_1.04_detail_factor_18.1 1.psd Innenhafen Duisburg blau - Inner harbour Duisburg blue Clouds at the golden hour Backlit Electrical Out of The Box Connections.psd Las Vegas Fall 2016_0800 Female Quail, possible Avian Pox :(((( CC Challenge Wk 42 'Natural Light' Las Vegas Fall 2016_0738 The walkway to our boat for an excursion into Fjord in Gros Morne, Newfoundland. Gros Morne heading out to Fjord. Walkway into Fjord at Gros Morne, Newfoundland. Long Ma Las Vegas Fall 2016_0787 Las Vegas Fall 2016_0784 Las Vegas Fall 2016_0737 Las Vegas Fall 2016_0732 Newfoundland
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