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Candidate Forum Getting ready to drive to the vatican - the Montecitorio obelisk is reflected on the bonnet of the car. Europa Münchner Konferenz Nicola Beer #elenão #elenão #elenão 2017_06_010003 Nov 9 2016: Thousands gather in downtown Chicago to protest Donald Trump IMG_2600 SAM_0048 Michael Fabricant makes his victory speech Election Poster After Storm UPFA Rally - Pundalu-Oya Counting on Board Polling Place 10-20-2012 455 Potomac - Cardin Art and culture: a true industry and it's so much more than aesthetics boardwalkview Crucial debate and vote on External Action Service Special State Election Large photo at San Francisco Iran election protest Carnaval-SF 2009 Carnavalescos-20 Mary with Mayor Gregor Robertson & Chief Jim Chu NYC_Nov08_1043 Jungle Room Nov. 5 Newspapers Obama Election Night Event Barack Elected President CNN Obama Election Night Rally Howe Street Polling station
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