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Great Egret taking off IMG_0429 feet of snowy  egret w IMG_0432 cattle egret over nest w Egrets on the Marsh Upper Green in Winter Eastern_Great_Egret Portrait Incoming Great Egret Snowy Egret 7D2_7918 JaxZoo_2-9-15-5473 JaxZoo_2-9-15-5572 By the shore Common Crane, White Stork, Gigantic Crane, Common Heron, and Little Egret from A history of the earth and animated nature (1820) by Oliver Goldsmith (1730-1774). Digitally enhanced from our own publication. Bletchley Park - Heron On the Lake Egret, Cattle Egret v.3 Little egret flying Little egret Reddish Egret (Egretta rufescens) White Great Egret Spring Egrets Great Egret, non-breeding. Snowy Egrets Snowy Egret flyby Snowy Egret Egret, snowy ? Santa Cruz Egret at the beach-Valencia P1630991 Great Egret Snowy Egret
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