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Grey heron in flight. Ardea cinerea #70/365 late afternoon on the lake IMG_5068 Egret Reflections Egret koti tirtha bathing /puja place Great Egret Hitchhiker DSC_8561-2 DSC_8079-2 Great egret Whitewash Silberreiher auf Eis touchdown_5Div5186 Little Egret - Garça-branca-pequena Western Reef Heron Egretta g. gularis Great egret 4 Great egret great egret10 Western Reef Heron Egretta g. gularis Little Egret Campus visitor Little Egret  breeding plumage,wonderfull to watch while feeding,they stir up prey with one foot then stab it with that long bill. Adea garzetta 60cm,when they are breeding they are Snowy Egret Stifling a Yawn In Shallow Water DSC_8067-2 angel wings on a garbage bin Egret, Plover Cove Country Park, Hong Kong
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