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A cage of my own making A Cattle Egret Landing in the water Alligator Meet the Herons and the Egret A Little Egret in the muddy lake Two Moody (Great) Egrets Egrets on the Marsh Piece by piece Large Egret in sunset reflection-1= Neck at right angles Great Egret Watchful Egret Snowy egret SNOWY EGRET #2 SNOWY EGRET #2 SNOWY EGRET #2 SNOWY EGRET #2 Little egret (L) Intermediate egret (R) - Sungai Batu mangroves, Merbok, Kedah, Malaysia - Feb 2020 Spring morning weather. Neck at the knot little egrets little egrets 2 little egret little egret 2 Great Egret A6302728-111 A6302727-110 Egret in Flight
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