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IMG_2157 w Ville Platte-9089 Ville Platte-9138 Ville Platte-9155 Ville Platte-9193 Ville Platte-9371 Great Egret Egret, Hong Kong Everyone Needs a Hug Grooming Elegant Egret Toe in the Water The Sunset Bird Today's Opportunity - Take a risk Black Belly Whistling Duck Great Egret with her chicks Baby Sitting Harmony: Heron and Egret Snowy egret Great Egret Hooded Oriole Snowy Egret ~ Egretta thula ~ New Smyrna Beach, Florida Ville Platte-8767 Ville Platte-8816 Ville Platte-8863 Plumed (Intermediate) Egret Ardea [intermedia] plumifera Snowy Egret LITTLE EGRET LITTLE EGRET LITTLE EGRET
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