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..withered and abandoned.. ..welcoming a beautiful day.. ..Spectra.. ..presidential lotus.. ..the highest skyscraper in the city..'s gonna be a lovely day.. ..I'm gonna get you.. I lost?.. ..dusk in colors.. ..metropolis' cherry blossoms.. ..amazing colorful sunrise between the cloud.. ..promise to a very beautiful day.. ..watching a beautiful golden dusk from behind the dirty glass.. ..rise and shine, sweety.. ..going somewhere.. ..Presidential Lotus.. ..alone and abandoned.. ..infinity pool and the city scape in golden dusk.. ..beautiful skyline of the city I called home.. ..rush hour.. ..the City Hall.. Best Seat in the House IMG_0325_DxO Boat Sheds in Tromso Orion over the Bund of Shanghai ..dawn's breaking.. ..beautiful end.. between.. ..look in the mirror.. ..modern dusk..
Mots clés associés à ef-s:
 canon, eos, usm, macro, lens, rebel, f28, bw, black, water
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