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Astronomy in a Picture, variant Yosemite National Park with Ferguson Fire Smoke Plumes Stack of Books Best Seat in the House Volcanoes in a Sand Sea Dignified Portrait of Norio 2 Star Formation in the Large Magellanic Cloud Shiny Road in Black and White Nobuo, in Stars 龍仙寺/Ryusen Temple in the Snow 3 Serpens Nebula with Bat Shadow Chancellorsville and Ronald Reagan, variant Southern Algeria Views of Tigger Enjoying her Heated Disc Table of Panoramic Cats 1 Animated Upper-Level Water Vapor and Hurricane Florence Tigger's Star Trails Video of Typhoon 21 from Himawari 8, 4 September 2018 Prince of Wales Island and Phytoplankton Alpha Centauri in Context, variant Arp 271, variant “Is the parade over?” Assam in November of 2005 Over-Exposed Bonkers Cat in a House in a House View out the Front Door Bonkers on “His” Table Southwest Alaska in the Winter Japan this Morning (17 December 2017)
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 photoshop, portrait, girl, green, blue, white, eyes, selfportrait, canon, black
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