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Mega-Tsunami in Manchester!

Mega-Tsunami in Manchester!

Lacking a creative outlet whilst my camera is being repaired, my idle photoshopping doodles turned to destruction! This surreal image composite, derived from an early morning shot on my previous visit to Manchester, depicts the city's famous Beetham Tower being consumed by a 500ft tidal wave. In reality, the city's high-up location on the fringe of the Pennine mountains means it is one of the least likely places in England to suffer this fate, but this is clearly not an image grounded in logic or sense ;-)

Incidentally, the largest tsunami ever recorded was the one which hit Lituya Bay, Alaska in 1958. That particular wave reached a mind boggling height of 1,720 feet (470 feet taller than the Empire State Building) and would have dwarfed my photoshopped one, being three times its size. Incredibly, a fisherman named Howard Ulrich and his son were caught up in the swell and managed to ride the wave in their boat. It carried them up high over the trees lining Lituya's mountainous slopes then luckily deposited them safely back in the bay, unharmed but rather shocked. There's a BBC documentary clip with Ulrich and his son online here.

For further destructive and foolish Photoshop fun, observe this unfortunate city amid the nuclear nightmare of Apocalypse in Manchester!

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Photo prise @ Manchester le 31 juillet 2009 (© tj.blackwell / Flickr)

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