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this moment in history, October 23: many worlds here

this moment in history, October 23: many worlds here

The huge green bulk of Mt. Murakuni is the backdrop for this scene: bright colors of the modern billboard on the left, the electrical service poles delivering residents' indispensable source to run their many household and personal, portable appliances and communication technologies, the sober bluish-green stone of the historical marker declaring a religious message, and the utilitarian car turning onto the road that runs atop the river levee. All of these things have active, ongoing functions at present, but also in the past and prospectively extending for some unspecified time into the future. Only the derelict entertainment and restaurant business under the white signboard is likely to disappear from the scene in the foreseeable future, after no new purpose can be found and after years of paying tax on the vacant structure motivate the owner to raze the building.

So this one moment in time records subjects born at different times (geological time in the case of the mountain and nearby river bed) and now coexisting, all with different dates of active use and eventual destruction. Only the vacant business seems to be about to disappear, though. The other parts of the picture will continue for many years to come.
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Photo taken @ 越前市 on 23 October 2017 (© anthroview / Flickr)

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