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ridge line on Mt. Atago, graves 1500-1600 years old

ridge line on Mt. Atago, graves 1500-1600 years old

Thinking about the daily routines, the inventory of worldly goods, the dependence on neighbors, kith and kin, and the worldview that connected all these things together takes one's imagination far away from today's digital world of convenience, consumer hunger, and constraints of money economy. Identification signs point to the row upon row of individual mounds, mostly modest and oval, but at least one in the characteristic "keyhole" shape at a larger scale (tumulus #21, 60 meters from the lens).

A path from the parking area at the north slope of Mt. Atago can be seen at the right edge of the photo. The trail leading steeply up from the south bordering road on the left is out of this frame, though. The interpretive sign and map at the bottom of the southside trail [next photo] gives a brief overview of the excavation results and seasons conducted. So much is not known, but the physical presence across so many centuries (e.g. 20 generations per 500 years, so these go back to DNA of maybe 60 generations or more) speaks a kind of declarative sentence, "we were here before you," or maybe it utters a question, "how well do you moderns know this land"?
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Photo taken @ Echizen-shi on 3 November 2017 (© anthroview / Flickr)

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