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persimmon picker on Nov. 5 on the old Hokuriku road

persimmon picker on Nov. 5 on the old Hokuriku road

During the 260 years of the Edo period the main route up and down the valley included this section of winding narrow road, paved since the 1940s or 1950s. This persimmon tree looks many decades old, maybe the same age or older than the man in the blue overalls, equipped with an extendable stem cutter and basket to catch the fruit that he picks, one by one from this rooftop to place in the blue bucket near the roof ridge. Judging from the number of baskets and crates at lower left, he plans to collect all the bright orange fruits this afternoon.

In the foreground at lower right is a neighborhood map. These visual guides are eminently useful in a society where street address continues to be reckoned chronologically, rather than geometrically along the sequence of a section of road. Thanks to satellite navigation on phone or car, there is less dependence on the visual guides provided in each part of a city like this. But for people unused to portable digital guidance, the published pages for each city and these roadside maps are still useful.
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Photo taken @ Echizen-shi on 5 November 2017 (© anthroview / Flickr)

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