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this moment in history, October 23: many worlds here after #21 typhoon, evening of Oct. 23, 2017 close-up history on mountains & valley panorama at the Hino riverbank east side 'mum festival for 6 decades Teaching this month at temple rally 7 days pre-22 Oct. election, sign language (left side) street work 2017 Oct. 23 public notice filling the valley with roads and buildings building a new house, October 20 seeing history at new play park close-up, history exhibit at play park custom furniture maker on display, tansu-machi food that delights, treat for eyes, nose and mouth election posters 3 weeks before voting roadside Amida shrine dappled with light hillside from Hino Shrine shows more shrines panorama at Hino Shrine (in Kita Hino) panorama bridge over the Hino river streetside trees trimmed for winter shadowlit roadside shrine dragonflies at Kita-hino unseasonably warm 14 October, election campaign city lot vacant; Mt. Hino looks on sinking sun, late afternoon Hino riverside Rally 7 days pre-22 Oct. election: endorsement speeches Rally 7 days before the 22 Oct. election - legislators Rally 7 days pre-22 Oct. election at street level Aging society, few children rally 7 days pre-22 Oct. election, backstage view
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