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Sunbathing, eldercare Land collapse at hillside cemetery Grocery store sales, 2017 Oct. 24 High water 2017 Oct. 24 Hino River slope failure, tumbling gravestones east of Echizen city panorama sidestreet shop and parking lot smartphone morning shrine ema boards Topping walls with beams Farmers market 2017 Oct. 28 at 0745, fire bell late October evening sounds looking north at 6 p.m. roof repair - old tiles off, new tiles on Shinto shrine at the south end of Okamoto-yama volcanic Mt. Hino looms large; smaller echo in front looking north at dusk, late October 2017 Mt. Murakuni evening in late October, Echizen-city temple damage, typhoon #21 blowing from N.E. new shop from south new shop from northwest new barber shop fitting beams and trusses bus ride for plaintiff at district court late afternoon river in flood 10/23 commuters at 5 pm panorama high water seen from bridge 10/23/2017 cars in black or white make room for color muddy and fast-flowing cold river water roiling water of the swollen river 10/23/2017 pedestrian underpass for the rail line emerging at Zenkouji-dori mirror wall of glass to reflect the moment Evening commute home 2017 Oct. 23 at 5 pm remains of the day, 2017-10-23 at 5 p.m.
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