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commuting to school, Wednesday morning posing with Halloween themed display prize-winning blooms; theater poster Topping walls with beams bus ride for plaintiff at district court flowers trimmed into miniature trees bouncey castle near live performance stage after work driving home, Echizen-city evening commuters, Mt. Onigadake rides at Chrysanthemum festival ground west view, Yutaka bridge into Echizen-city shadows and light at lunch morning shrine ema boards Sunbathing, eldercare Farmers market 2017 Oct. 28 at 0745, fire bell late October evening sounds looking north at 6 p.m. Grocery store sales, 2017 Oct. 24 Land collapse at hillside cemetery High water 2017 Oct. 24 Hino River roof repair - old tiles off, new tiles on Shinto shrine at the south end of Okamoto-yama volcanic Mt. Hino looms large; smaller echo in front looking north at dusk, late October 2017 Mt. Murakuni evening in late October, Echizen-city slope failure, tumbling gravestones east of Echizen city temple damage, typhoon #21 blowing from N.E. new shop from south new shop from northwest new barber shop fitting beams and trusses commuters at 5 pm
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