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looking east, Daihou-ji (temple) The remains of Komaru-jo (castle) school and rice paddies hunters take note - restrictions in force here photo opportunity - fall wedding fashions by decade waiting at the genkan (entry area) preparing to pour the wedding cups of sake Getting ready for the wedding display overview - the Showa Period Kimono on display intense artistry and technique mature pine surrounded by houses and pavement dusk on the levee of the Hino River at Echizen City sky glow shines on the evening water course shortly after 5 p.m. Mt. Hino's shape stands out fading light, susuki grass near riverside close-up, dusk near the Hino River New Year's postal cards on sale now after dusk, neighborhood Shinto shrine genkan on Sunday morning pano 2016 nov 6 ajimano, east of Echizen-city center moss, Sunday morning hunting restrictions, riverside Ajimano genkan still life afternoon light, library chairs photo opportunity - kimono from the Showa Period fine kimono display in the Sunday afternoon light lone pine Yutaka Bridge head, central Echizen City looking south along the Hino River, about 4:45 p.m. close up susuki
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