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coffee shop 2017 january chain in the late afternoon light iron meets oxygen, water, summer sun and winter cold wonderful green paint on the tin sheathing near graves front door along the Zenkouji-dori after dark roof tiles in the rain at the temple's wall along the street orangey red postbox on the Zenkouji-dori, Echizen city arcade lighting, Zenkouji-dori, Echizen city giant bonsai tree cut to the classic look shiny surfaces in the suppertime rain Sunday night art for passers by, Zenkouji-dori, central Echizen city night at Daihou-ji 2017 jan 24 coin laundry 2017 jan 24 after supper Mt Hino frm west, northwest Mt. Hino from west side near Nanjo horai-cho 2017 jan 24 snow falling soccer practice 2017 Jan. 21 & passing train temple breeze 2017 Jan. 21 panorama 2017 Jan. 21, soccer near rail line panorama 2017 Jan. 21, idle rice paddy near levee shadows and roof tiles brilliant winter afternoon light before the storm where logs become planks of wood stubble from the fall 2016 rice harvest Hino River, Mt. Hino, riverbank cherries arcade front to Zenkou-ji Dori high street, route 365 Vivid green moss near Shokaku-ji temple gate moss in context sleeping cherry trees, Hino riverbank road, west side looking west, winter afternoon Saturday
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