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Green public plaza of the newly opened parkland, Echizen-city Tableau of rural 2017 Japan - nature plus culture Big straight road runs east-west in disregard for history triangular strip of roadside land for vegetables and flowers dusk on November 2 at Ryusen-ji, Feudal Lord's grave barber pole on Nov. 2, Fukakusa neighborhood at 5 pm Mt. Funaoka afternoon of November 2 Mt. Funaoka at dusk of November 2, shrine on top Funaoka shrine on November 2, steps to worship area many generations remembered in the river of history Ibe shrine torii seen from the south; leaves changing color interpretive sign at foot of Ibe Shrine the next generation climbs the shrine steps Ibe shrine (double) torii at south side of the hill panorama grave mounds of the 600s; Nov 3 atop Mt. Atago (kofun) panorama on Nov 3, Ibe-jinja old boulders; young family morning light, south face of Mt. Atago on Nov. 3 Ibe hilltop boulders and Shinto shrine, north of city center back from school 2017 Nov. 2; back to the future fall light, color, texture late afternoon bike near Funaoka shrine boulder detail of texture, moss, leaves, light paddy, tractor cleaning, transmission tower relatively few sculptures on display for Culture Day 2017 tableau in paper - cherry blossom viewing and fun Exhibition of Ikebana (living flowers) 2017 culture day, Nov 3 mild protest or rebuke - city hall demolishing city history tea ceremony performed, weekend nearest to Culture Day close-up, wood carved sculptures So much beauty in plants, pottery, and design
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