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Traditional shop signs for local businesses Special exhibition of shop signs & advertising Daimyo; visit to Ryusen-ji in Takefu (Echizen-city), Fukui-ken memorial tablets at Daiho-ji in 8/1994 amusement games at shopping center directed at children mobile grocery 2018 Awatabe collecting treats for kids - national initiative at many temples the crest of the feudal lord, Lord Honda chanted processing at the center of the worship hall changing colors of the fall leaves - cherry on river levee afternoon, between rain showers, 2017 nov-14, zenkouji-dori washing the car 2018 November, bucket and hosepipe early Saturday train to Kyoto crosses rice paddies bell ringing upon early arrival of memorial bus at temple cross-section of rural city and outskirts in Fukui prefecture grave stone - traditional & alternative about 18 months ago - fire site; newly rebuilt afternoon train south bound for Kyoto morning bowl of black-hulled rice Starting the Nov. 14 annual prayer service with chanting Daihou-ji, November 14, 2017: extended chant Temple praise and prayer - procession sequence Daihou-ji (temple of great treasure) - chant begins temple praise and prayer - procession damage, 2017 Oct. 30, recent typhoon-toppling of trees functional design with business below, living space above dusk backyard 2017 Nov. 12 Buddhist temple parked bikes on November 12 at the convenience store starter course at Kato's restaurant white soba at Musashi (between Takefu & Sabae) Nov 10
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