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rice waiting for harvest, early Sunday morning Equinox Flower surrounded by morning sounds path along the Yoshinose river; Equinox Flowers Shrine straight ahead, temple on the left (west) Smoldering rice chaff at roadside; chicken farm behind garden work in sun and shade, Mt. Hino afar big house 2017 Sept. 23, Ike-no-kami Shinto shrine green covering on cement face of the mountain cosmos in bloom on September 23 at Hirose near temple air-dried rice tastes different to blower-dried grains Hiyoshi Jinja on 2017 Sept. 23 at Ike-no-kami Fork in the Road at Hirose, September: Buddhist Prayers rice gathered in, protected with electric fence from wild boar roadside helpful bodhisattva with fresh flowers (re)new shrine 2017 Sept. 23 at Kamiyama, west Echizen city hard-won rice paddy overgrown the right fork leads to Oshio Hachiman-Gu resting place for ancestors near this year's rice crop Hirose village monument of 1915 death, as seen 9/2017 roadside figures beckon prayerful response panorama of Buddhist and Shinto neighbors vending machine near the rice paddy roof tiles bundled for delivery, Ike-no-kami official posted warning - watch out for bears Newish Shingon sect, Kobo-ji, facing the road lunch set at Nepali restaurant newly opened last month last goodbye of public bath house closed for business signage at Kobo-ji (Shingon) temple United States Forces - Japan; Okinawa governance rights roadside spider on guardr ailing near river
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