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Train accelerates south while cars wait Tending the morning garden at Iwa-uchi dumping rice chaff at side of garden nightwalk-5 copper covered roof nightwalk-1 dentist office seated figures at the driveway to Gotanjo-ji and cemetery bamboo green and cedar brown spider and cellphone tower needle-sharp chestnuts on sidewalk fallen chestnuts up close Zen temple, Reisen-ji at Ajimano Mt. Hino from N.E.; Knife Village at right looking from street to the rice paddies beyond the old bamboo in many shades evening to burn rice chaff Oshio panorama approach to Ajmano panorama early morning to burn rice chaff panorama Koyamada shrine Spring water at mountainside in Koyamada Crane and Shinkansen railway work Trimming rice from corners of paddy by hand meat and drink at the red lantern coasting along Asozu riverbank at Ajimano drink and meat at the Red Lantern (aka chochin) full circle view at Ajimano bridge near Ajimano looking southeast road between Takefu and Imadate; Sanri-yama beyond Saturday morning rice chaff on fire the sound of the bamboo forest at Ajimano after-dinner traffic
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