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rally 7 days pre-22 Oct. election, street 'Mum festival, late Friday afternoon; young/elderly tunnel entrance--noisy, dry, cool, dark Shrine festival banner (Akasaka nr Sabae-city) rally 7 days pre-22 Oct. election, left of stage; silent incumbent meat and drink at dusk dusk on October 14 streets, Echizen City dusk 2017 Oct. 14 narrow street old way to sell fine kimono dog walking at dusk cement dropped with surgical precision panorama of tombstone colors rally 7 days pre-22 Oct. election, backrow view rally 7 days pre-22 Oct. election, above Chrysanthemum fest #65, Saturday mid-afternoon trees stripped for winter, Route 365, Echizen-city Election season 3:30 pm marshal music, loud speaker van rooftop panorama of festival food and music ancestors rest near fields along roadside beginning to build a new barbershop after the fire Monday morning signage to the funeral parlor transforming shopfront into streetside parking spot rail line looking south before 6 p.m. lowering sun at suppertime evening walk to the store rebuilding after the 2/28 fire, foundations ready to pour Juxtaposing old building and new music commuter train pulls out, heading south Evening return home as lights come on rooftop sights and sounds - food and music
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