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2017-07-29-14.16.33 ZS PMax Perideridia kelloggii-1 Brodiaea Filifolia Jewel Lake. Tilden Park. Elmhurst Creek - East Oakland Wildcat Canyon HUVI-3216 Wildcat Canyon RTHA-3322 Wildcat Canyon CATO-3351 The Serpentine Prairie Fence, HFF Managing the Serpentine Prairie Preserve Up the trail Three (count 'em) 3 egrets! Pine Serpentine Prairie 2 Wildflower: Wild radish? Grasses Thistle Up the path Trees on East Ridge Trail Trail of Forget-Me-Nots Top of the hill. HFF Down the hill Honeywort Sampler of Spring Garden Corner Major Charles Lee Tilden, 1857-1950 Carquinez Strait Regional Shoreline Scenic Trees and sky Hillside Looking out: San Leandro Bay, Alameda, Oakland Airport & The Bay
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