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Wrentit Golden-crowned Sparrow (Immature) House Finch (m) Northern Mockingbird Song Sparrow Hermit Thrush Spotted Sandpiper (non-breeding plumage) Willet (non-breeding plumage) Spotted Towhee Northern Mockingbird Cedar Waxwing American Robin Sunset - Fluid Dynamics Western Bluebird (m) Western Bluebird (f) Bewick's Wren Dark-eyed Junco (Oregon) Gray Ghost - Northern Harrier (m) Say's Phoebe Hairy Woodpecker White-tailed kite Bufflehead (m) Edgewater Seasonal Wetland Fences. HFF The Crater Blossoms Visitor Center As the Sun Sets Big pine by the Bay Outlook. HBM
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