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Cliff Swallows at Nest Fence Line. HFF! Leaving the park The Serpentine Prairie HTrT! HTrT HTrT! Say's Phoebe Northern Mockingbird American Robin Cedar Waxwing Fenceline. HFF! NewYear2020-0725 NewYear2020-0727 NewYear2020-3998 NewYear2020-4003 Take a Creekside Walk Western Bluebird Anna's Hummingbird (male) feeding on Rosemary blossoms Jewel Lake, Tilden Park Common Yellowthroat (male) amongst the Pickleweed Windy Day At Contra Loma Mallards Sunlit posts. HFF! On the ridge. HFF! On the Dunn Trail. HTrT! Sunlit. HTrT Sun on the trees Evening silhouettes Golden hour on the trail
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