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Market trio A day at the market Daasanech mother and child Omo river crossing Hamer portrait I roll Flock of goats, Borana Between Turmi and Kolcho - landscape with acacia and clouds Abyssinian Wheatear White-browed Sparrow-Weaver Village Indigobird (m) Hooded Vulture (juvenile) I've got better hair than my brother We're working here Two shall stand tall Fancy a drink? Nyangatom portrait Omo riverbank South Omo starling Landscape with a future hut Dallol landscape Portrait of a Borana woman Young boy herding cattle Goat and dog resting side by side Euphorbia and landscape Market panorama Sorry, the barbecue is for family only White-browed Coucal Northern Red-billed Hornbills Secretarybird
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