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A shy, retiring beast Black-blacked jackal disappears into the bush Topis amidst tall grass Open Field Day in Bugesera District, Rwanda 19-20th June 2018 Calf and mother Speckled Mousebird (Colius striatus cinerascens) A Ngorongoro Crater Rabbit _DSC5514.jpg The Lover's Roar The Lions of the Serengeti Mother and Child - Serengeti Cheetah Black-winged Lapwing (Vanellus melanopterus minor), immature Male of the impala species Lilly pond Turn around Watchful eye Baby hippo returns to the Mara lake Necks Elephant on the savannah Giraffe in the open savannah Spotted Thick-knee (Burhinus capensis), chick A Line of Hartebeest Montagu's Harrier (Circus pygargus), adult female The Lions of Ngorongoro Crater _DSC4796.jpg _DSC4471.jpg _DSC4419.jpg _DSC4269.jpg _DSC3953-Pano.jpg Eastern White-Bearded  Wildbeest
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