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The horned one photo_0003 Yin / Yang Open Field Day in Bugesera District, Rwanda 19-20th June 2018 Dat Wildebeest Winding Cisticola (Cisticola marginatus suahelicus syn. C. galactotes suahelicus) _DSC5632.jpg _DSC5261.jpg _DSC4944.jpg _DSC4342.jpg _DSC4258.jpg Gazing Outward - Lion Rock The Lover's Roar Lion Lovers - The Serengeti The Great Migration African Comb Duck (Sarkidiornis melanotos), male The King - Lion - Ngorongoro _DSC5770.jpg _DSC5765.jpg _DSC3932.jpg _DSC3576.jpg Best friends! Serengeti National Park A large lion family relaxing The Cheetah of the Serengeti Plains The Cheetah of the Serengeti Plains Dusky-brown Flycatcher (Muscicapa adusta) African Pipit (Kenyan) (Anthus cinnamomeus lacuum) The Plains of the Serengeti Chumbe Island Eco Touism
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