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Night Vision Training

Elephants taking a selfie in Amboseli National Park, Kenya, East Africa

Nubian Woodpecker (Campethera nubica), female foraging

Nubian Woodpecker (Campethera nubica), male

Lilly pond



Turn around

Her udders

Poised to strike

Rhino at Nakuru National Park

Fischer's Lovebird (Agapornis fischeri)

Huge cactus tree


Female impala and purple flowers

Dried mud

Impala heads

Male of the impala species

A shy, retiring beast

Low angle

Right to left

Group hug

Grazing rhinos

Mama gives a lesson in survival skills

Male of the species with enormous horn

The horned one

Lone tusker

Baby hippo, mama hippo and a little birdie at the Mara river

Baby hippo returns to the Mara lake

Wildebeest migration site

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