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Dongfeng 153 20190328_04 One of my fave statues - The Horses of Helios by Rudy Weller in London, England Campo de gramíneas Wideband Radio Cal Tech Telescope 20190727_08 Trail along stone wall through leafy forest | Kinnekulleleden, Västergötland, Sweden 20180612_24 Female rufous hummingbird (Selasphorus rufus) hovering by feeder - Canyon Hot Springs, British Columbia, Canada Into the Distance Dead Horse Karsts A Dead Man's Games 20170708_01 Sunrise through pine | Vis Island, Croatia Wolk boven Dalmsholte (136FJAKA_3073) 20160826_42 People on rock, seen from Rim Trail, Grand Canyon, Arizona 20160826_36 Trail through shrubs far below Rim Trail - Grand Canyon, Arizona colors 20190516_2 Black beetle on gravel road | The trail Bohusleden, section 18 - Svarteborg to Lunden | Bohuslän, Sweden 20180220 Evening sun through snowfall, unfortunately shot with the shitty phone camera, made worse by the zoom-in | Flogsta (I FUCKING HATE FLOGSTA), Uppsala (yeah, that too), Sweden 20190612_04 Bull elk (Alces alces) munching leaves by the E6, more or less close to Innhavet, Norway 2019-11-12_01-35-30 Look Out! Oude Vechtarm in Ommen in de sneeuw (136FJAKA_2995) Vecht in Ommen in de sneeuw (136FJAKA_2993) Kanaal in Dalmsholte (135FJAKA_2949) Angels Xinjiang_1 Gospel Hymn, Myanmar 2007 can't be rescued? Half-Dome-Sunset - Yosemite-Nationalpark / California 20190726_01 Trail through tall yellow grass | Kinnekulleleden, Västergötland, Sweden
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