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Prepares for rain last morning mist over Saale river Barcelona, España. a morning in early spring Water Crashing Over the Rocks of Croydon Creek Mossy Croydon Creek Rocks Croydon Creek Craggy Rocks of Croydon Creek Pretty Flowers on the Forest Floor Thick Layer of Moss on the Rock Face Night cake shop interlude of celestial xylophone and earthly cymbal Cycle race, Ho Chi Minh City Television Cup 2019 Peaceful Stream Errie Dead Tree Moss on a Log Phyletic Museum in Jena A Face Only a Naked Mole Rat Queen Could Love... Queen of the Jungle Mischievous Meerkat Blue car Light Shining Through the Japanese Maples Golden-Headed Lion Tamarin Nom Nom Nom King of the Jungle Easter Morning Dawn at Saale River Finally Easter morning Alpine A110 Wait me~~!! Sony a7RII + 70-300 G f/4.5-5.6
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