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Interesting Doorway - Guanajuato, Mexico Color & Texture In Guanajuato Milo in the garden Hanbury & Cotchings Fine Ales ghost sign on house Door to Canon House Kitchen window Double-arched doorway with shield, Chartres, France A picturesque copper-clad oriel, Greenwich Village, New York An oriel in an oriel:  Barcelona Kitchen window An 11th Street side oriel, 43 Fifth Avenue (1905), Greenwich Village, New York As time goes by (II) The neighbors: East 64th Street, Manhattan Reflections in windows on Waverly Place, Greenwich Village, New York Black and white doorways and a Christmas wreath, West 11th Street, Greenwich Village, New York Easy parking: 134 West 13th Street (1899), Greenwich Village, New York Art Deco facade detail, Greenwich Village, New York 97 Barrow Street (1899), Greenwich Village, New York East Side order: Manhattan 48 West 12th (1854), Greenwich Village, New York Spruced up:  Ansonborough, Charleston, SC Shutter shortage: The courtyard of the Rev. Robert Smith's House (c. 1770), now the home of the president of the College of Charleston, 6 Glebe Street, Charleston, SC Front door, Cleland Kinloch Huger House, 8 Legare Street (1857), Charleston, SC Three floors, without the floors Windows - Paris Green door, red door Doors of Somerset Door to Gray's Almshouses Red doors of a farm building Arches through arches at Raglan Castle
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