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Duckling playing in water Twilight Time American Wigeon, Partial Leucistic? Fairhaven Bike Path Basingstoke Canal Deepcut 17 January 2019 004 Marbled godwit & blue-winged teal Ducks at Halifax Public Gardens Scenes on Utah Lake Common Pochard  2017-05-26_03 Ducks in Onesti, Romania orange feet Utah Lake's Winter Colors Utah Lake Scenes White Pelican flock on Utah Lake Brown ducks in the water Take your animal off... IMG_8379 Utah Lake in July Utah Lake in July Ducks Duckzilla Long-tailed Ducks, Clangula hyemalis (Linnaeus, 1758) JaxZoo_12-19-14-2760 Away day in London By the River Foss Scoter Defense Line Lovely brown duck, Serpentine, Hyde Park Pato crestudo o Pato de moco - Knob-billed or Comb duck (Sarkidiornis melanotos) ruddy3 HYBRID GOLDENEYE X HOODED MERGANSER
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