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What a Beautiful Range of Mountains!

What a Beautiful Range of Mountains!

On a nearby sign at this overlook to Washington Pass, there's a poem by William Stafford entitled "Silver Star." It's written about a mountain and its life. The end part mentions a voice from the sky saying with a praise and reward "well done!" As I looked across this mountain valley to Silver Star Mountain and then further northeast across the ridgeline of Vasiliki Ridge and the South Washington Pass range, I could only think to myself "well done"...these mountain peaks were truly amazing and a sight to see! For the image, I later used some CEP filters (Low Key, Polarization and Graduated Neutral Density) in Capture NX2 which seemed to best bring out look I wanted for this mountain setting in the North Cascades.

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Photo taken on 16 June 2017 (© thor_mark  / Flickr)

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