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Jagged Peaks Along the Vasiliki Ridge

Jagged Peaks Along the Vasiliki Ridge

For this image, I decided zoom in and capture a view of some of the mountain peaks on the other side of this valley at Washington Pass Overlook. In some ways, it was like a stepped view of one set of peaks after another. The closer set of peaks are of Silver Star Mountain; the ridgeline off in the distance are of Vasiliki Ridge. Not wanting to blow any of the highlights with the snow and clouds above, I decided to keep my SLR camera in Manual mode and adjust the shutter speed to capture that "right" exposure, balanced with the more shadowed and midtone areas of the mountainside and peaks. I later used some CEP filters (Low Key, Polarization and Graduated Neutral Density) in Capture NX2 which seemed to best bring out look I wanted in a final image, even with the bright sunlight that day.

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Photo taken on 16 June 2017 (© thor_mark  / Flickr)

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