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Grief, Empathy, Anger Management and New Beginnings

Grief, Empathy, Anger Management and New Beginnings

This particular man is mourning a recent sale of a home which belonged to a friend who lived there along with her family for over 20 years. The home was a beautiful home in earlier years. The father and husband (one in the same) committed suicide a number of years ago. Their only child was attending a birthday party at the time. The husband while at their country house, put a gun to his head and blew his brains out while his wife stood by in shock and witnessed this horror. They said he explained he could not take life's pressures any longer. The widow, the man photographed above, and the son are having some challenges now that their home has been sold, and getting on with their lives. This man has been supporting the family emotionally and physically as best he can. Sorting out a lifetime of memories and belongings is not an easy task but they're getting there. The closing was Thursday, 8/16/2019. So far to the best of my knowledge they are all still alive. They have not chosen a new place to inhabit yet but hopefully once they recover from their current stress-induced illnesses they will make a decision. Pray for this family and this man. I'm sure that will help. Their service dog and cat are as well as can be expected under the circumstances, but animals are generally quite resilient. These two (the dog and the cat) are hanging in there.

One of the reasons they finally sold this house was that the electric bills were over $2,000/month and this beautiful old structure became too costly to maintain. With the unprotected massive developing going on immediately around this home, the filters in the cisterns, pumps and septic tanks clogged with silt and mud causing them to run continually.

This man is a gifted tattoo artist and had a shop on Bardstown Road here in Kentucky. He says his partner skipped town with over $10,000 of the company's money. Some people will do that., sadly. He has also been assaulted by officers from a local police force. He now prefers to keep a low profile.

This man was, a few years ago, while riding with a friend of his and his little grand-daughter (they were taking her to school), was seriously injured in an accident. His ribs were crushed with such a force he broke the gear shift in half. (it was a Ford pickup truck) . I forget where he said his head came to rest. but you can see some of the scars in this photo. The driver of the truck also sustained serious injuries. Miraculously, the granddaughter, who was seated next to the grandfather, only sustained minor abrasions on her forehead. No visible scars. She was 7 when this truck careened over an embankment that day.

Rather than waiting for the EMT's to arrive, due to the distance and traffic, a bystander offered to drive him to the hospital. While en-route to the hospital traffic came to a standstill. It was at that point they were rear-ended by another car and that vehicle was totalled. The driver of that car was on their cell phone at the time. To the best of my recollection, he said they were all eventually treated and released. He had refused to leave the hospital but they eventually did, simply referring him to his primary care physician for follow-up. He never had a primary care physician.

This man said the hospital and the physical therapy facility he was sent to was a joke. Humana was the driver's insurance company. They simply said not to do whatever made him hurt. He'd gone to a place called Progressive Physical Therapy after the initial hospitalization over at Norton Audubon Hospital. The physical therapy place closed up shop in Louisville and went over to Indiana.

Pray for this man. I'm sure that will help.


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I know I have challenges. Do they?

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Photo taken @ T on 16 August 2019 (© EX22218 - ON/OFF / Flickr)

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