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An Infestation of White Supremacist Terror

An Infestation of White Supremacist Terror

How many times have we said, "Enough is enough!"? How many more times will we have to say it until our politicians do something about the violence and carnage wrought by white supremacists?

Words have power. Donald Trump has called Hispanics in this country an infestation. He has called those seeking asylum an invasion. And, there are those who heed his words. And there are those who massacre because of those words and what they represent.

The real infestation is homegrown. It is those who are afraid and who hate. It's time our elected representatives put the American people before special interests. It's time they take note that we are more at risk from white supremacists than we are from Muslim extremists.

Stop the hate. Stop the killing. Stop playing around! Enough is enough.

See the rest of the posters from the Chamomile Tea Party! Digital high res downloads are free here (click the down arrow on the lower right side of the image). Other options are available. And join our Facebook group.

Follow the history of the last eight years of our country's political intransigence through a six-part exhibit of these posters on Google Arts & Culture.

Disclaimer: The person depicted here is not a white supremacist. In fact, this person does not exist but was created to convey the concept of this poster. This image is a composite, made up of a number of images.

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Photo taken on 12 August 2019 (© outtacontext / Flickr)

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