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"My Very Bad Day" by Benni Girl

"Some days are just not worth getting up for. I had to be at the groomer's by 8 a.m. so no trail walk. Here I'm waiting for it to open and if you enlarge you can see how I feel about that!

Then 3 hours in there getting my hair even shorter because I'm itching all the time and we're going on vacation. Salah told Mom that I have sores from scratching and so as soon as I got home I got hauled off to see Dr. Bahou! He delayed a surgery to work me in because I'm special. I now have 2 different bad tasting medications to fix the sores and the itching. I guess I'm glad about that?

(Mom just shared her frozen yogurt with me because I looked at her with my best pathetic, poor baby puppy, look. It really never fails.)

So thanks for letting me vent - I'll listen to your very bad day anytime you want." signed, Benni Girl

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Photo taken on 30 June 2016 (© Bennilover / Flickr)

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