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"Are we almost done shopping??" by Benni Girl

"Mom is on summer schedule because neither of us wants to go out to play when it's over 80 F. So after she messed around for about an hour after Don left for the beach we went shopping. (No dogs on the beach in the summer - yuck!)

First we went to HER store, to get new light weight bedding, and then she wandered over into clothing and tried on a new blue blouse. I thought it looked o.k. for dog walking but she said no. This photo is taken in a too small dressing room.

Then things looked up because we got to go to MY store where I could smell dog food, cat food, see birds, rats, hamsters and got treats and patting. What can I say, it's summer and I have to adjust."

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Photo taken on 10 July 2019 (© Bennilover / Flickr)

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