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twins! Deux New Camera - Same Benni Benni Girl, the ball hog Gracie, best beloved friend! IMG_0301 Benni's best day ever! Coyote Story Caught in the Act! IMG_8904 IMG_8890 IMG_8142 25/366/4042 (July 6, 2019) - Runyon Visiting Curtiss Park (July 6th, 2019 - Saline, Michigan) A lazy afternoon Fugitives from stricken Belgium reach France. Fugitives from Belgium passing through Northern France. Every means of transport was pressed into service 10-31-14 APA 162503A German Shepherd Dog 18/366/4035 (June 29, 2019) - Runyon's Visit to Crosswinds Marsh (Sumpter Township, Michigan - June 29th, 2019) Furby Happy Canada Day! Crew The Wild Things are Coming! 2019-06-15_14-04-55_ILCE-6500_DSC07703_DxO Preaching Against False Prophets Just Benni at Aurora Park Little Ewok Lenny und Lucy toben immer noch Auch Hunde haben mal einen schweren Kopf
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