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The park is now my lifeline 7716ex2 house finch-- Leap Day visit Bokeh/Bouquet of Snowdrops noir city Southern Two-Lined Salamander (Eurycea cirrigera) A Hand Glimpse of Light In the Woods Amethyst Crystal Cluster Macro Keene  New York - The Wild Center- Fungua - Adirondack Park Looking for the little things Outburst Blue Waxbill (Blousysie) Common Waxbill (Rooibeksysie) Metal Objects and Sky Baubles Sunflowers shine no matter their color. 4th Day of Christmas Butterflies:  Monarch caterpillars Travelling Home for Christmas Generations Grasähre, grass awn Stop, Look, and Listen berry nice Boreal Chorus Frog (Psuedacris maculata) Macro Mondays Lids Marble Reflection Innis & Gunn Spring-time! Christmas tree with wine bottles is tempting (explore 2019-12-02)
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