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Do not remove cap (remove sticker) Boundaries Blundered Don't tip the vending machine over on yourself Do Not Dig WIthin 25 Feet Do Not Stop On Tracks Donut Go Breaking My Heart Danger - Keep off Tracks Danger - Keep off Tracks The Best Yoda Quote What a Time to be Alive O75 - Regulations Please Do NOt Feed the Birds this Sign Bathroom Humor Cable Crossing - Do Not Anchor Off Limits - Except for Subway 1st Floor Please Do Not Feed Wildlife Forbidden SIGN texture Do Not Lean on Walls_2333 Please Do Not Touch The Cheese - I Know It Is Tempting Please Sign of confusion Trespassing Loitering Obscura Stay Seated! Red Suitcases Prohibited Read - Do Not Block Door IMG_4294 1 Warning! No Shirts, No Shoes, No Kidding Multi-Sign Sign Signs
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