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1942 Via Air France Mail from Djibouti to Algiers

1942 Via Air France Mail from Djibouti to Algiers

The Letter was sent by M CASALTA, Engineer at the Ethiopian Railway (CFE is for Chemins de Fer Ethiopiens) to his Father in Algiers.
It was transported by Pilot M. CASANOVA on the Amiot 370 F-AREU for Air France

From November 1940 to June 1941, at least six Missions were accomplished with Laté 522 [F-ARAP], Laté 611 and Farman Bombers from the Navy, plus civilianized Martin Maryland 167 F [F-BAHC], before the Conversion of two Amiot twin-engined into postal Planes

The Raid Proto Amiot 370 was the First to be modified, to carry approx. 3300lbs of Mail, Drugs and spare Parts
The Hold was partly used to install additional Tanks
Its first Airlift with Djibouti, from Marignane via Athenes, was realised July 22 & 23rd 1941, under the Air France Colors and Registration F-AREU

Until November 1942, twelve Missions were achieved to Djibouti with the converted Raid-plane Amiot 370 and middle Class Bomber Amiot 356 [F-BAGP]

The Label "Services Aériens Spéciaux pendant le Blocus de Djibouti" was introduce (at Landing) October, 21th 1941

Papers, Gum and Inks

Blank Back

More about Vichy & the Blockade of Djibouti (09/1940 to 12/1942) in French here fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Histoire_de_Djibouti

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Photo taken on 22 December 2018 (© afvintage / Flickr)

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