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Day 013 How a normal person tells a story: Day 076 Secure Communication CarriersEdge - Congested Area Train 1 CarriersEdge - Congested Area Train 3 Everybody is looking for something Fidget spinner Warning: do not use phone if your baby is being attacked by a wind demon. 20170213-OSEC-LSC-1070 20170213-OSEC-LSC-1119 20170213-OSEC-LSC-1126 20170213-OSEC-LSC-0922 20170213-OSEC-LSC-0981 20170213-OSEC-LSC-0554 Pain & Gain Modeling dresses and poses Whose turn is it? This is a distraction. Ignore it & get back to kicking ass. Fiery accident from texting and driving Xpicta_Distractions Driven To Distraction 20170213-OSEC-LSC-0372 20170213-OSEC-LSC-0334 20170213-OSEC-LSC-0241 20170213-OSEC-LSC-0337 20170213-OSEC-LSC-0450 20170213-OSEC-LSC-0456 20170213-OSEC-LSC-0468 20170213-OSEC-LSC-0785
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