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To the mystery Did we find Jack Sparrow's home? Construction zone Straight road through a rocky landscape / Geradeaus durch eine felsige Landschaft Electric Guitar Tuner One red wooden paintbrush The street when it's over Various Used Wooden Paintbrushes Electric Guitar Fine Tuners Over-engineered don't wake! Trump's 'dirty war' on media draws editorials in 300 US outlets Person hält Karton mit der Nachricht Refugees welcome Destination Europe Willkommenskultur Humanitarian crisis in Syria Asyl - Abschiebung Refugees welcome Kein Mensch ist illegal No human is illegal Menschenrechte statt rechte Menschen Culture of accepting everybody No human is illegal geschrieben auf einer weißen Holzfassade Smoke and split Trying to keep ahead of the dishes... Huge sacks full of sand at a construction site Campingplatz Camping Paliouri aus der Vogelperspektive. Camping unweit vom Strand Fernglas und Landkarte auf dem Holzboden
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 old, abandoned, urban, mud, window, black, feet, bw, street, decay
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