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August 6th - Day 6 - Bend The Arc

Day 6 of a month of rallies was organized by Bend The Arc and brought together members of the Jewish community and others for a noon rally at ICE Headquarters.

From the organizers at Bend the Arc: "We are showing up to pressure our elected officials to Close the Camps. In the process, we hope to be a part of building a broad community of resistance, of sustained protest and nonviolent action.

Join Bend the Arc: Bay Area to stand up because we won't stand by while people are getting hunted down and put in camps to be treated without dignity, humanity or respect. We won't stand by while our immigrant family is being systematically attacked. Join us to stand up strong!"

Rallies are happening at noon in front of the ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) building in San Francisco every day this month of August. Each rally is being self organized by a different community or group.

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Photo taken on 6 August 2019 (© rawEarth / Flickr)

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