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Musical Warrior Beauty of Spring Following Minimal Außenministerin Karin Kneissl in Bangladesch Fruit&veg at Geneva Camp. Kneading dough Frying for breakfast! Passing in the alleyway at Geneva Camp shanty town, Dhaka. Geneva Camp shanty town, Dhaka. Abdul Jabbar Khan Kneading dough in Geneva Camp, Dhaka Loading the cauldrons of hot, cooked rice. Testing the rice... The Banga Banghue Money Boys Descaling the fish. Gutting the fish. Preparing the fish for sale. Room with no view! Geneva Camp Housing. Tiny Yellow Going and returning. Shanty town people. Digging the trench. A typical passageway in Geneva Camp, Dhaka. Gutting fish. Weighing the vegetables IMG_7135 Sadarghat The Tower of Independence
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